Skim Coating & Plaster Work

Smoothing and cleaning of rough surfaces is the name of the game. We use the best joint compounds, taper and plaster solutions to ensure a long term and quality finish no matter what square footage.

The quality of the end product is only as good as the prep-work ahead of time. We will make sure that all surfaces are prepped with the safest materials and always straight as an arrow!

At The Painters NY we offer full service wall repairs leaving the surface completely smooth and renovated before the actual painting is performed.

Skim coating is the process of applying a layer of muddy compound to smooth out rough or damaged ceilings and walls. The compound can be used to repair entire walls or fill deep scratches, holes, dents, and water-damaged portions of drywall. After applying a slab of skim coat to the damaged or textured area, the excess is skimmed off and a second layer is often added. The wall can then be painted or wallpapered without the appearance of dings, paint bubbles, or roughness.

Skim coating typically refers to the use of joint compound, more commonly called drywall compound or mud. This material is a thick but spreadable substance that dries and hardens over time, maintaining the drywall or plaster’s integrity and continuity. Plaster is a relatively soft material that is not ideal for supporting the weight of a building, but is often used to make interior walls. Plaster has been largely replaced by drywall in recent years, a material made of slabs of plaster that are sandwiched between sheets of paper and layered on top of one another. Plaster walls and ceilings have many advantages including durability, moisture resistance, and a greater ability to muffle sound. Unlike drywall, however, which is very easy to replace or repair, fixing damage to a plaster surface requires a bit more work.

Our services for projects include: (but not limited to)

  • Apartment Painting NY
  • Interior House
  • Commercial
  • Single Room 
  • Custom Residential Units
  • Common Areas
  • Safe, efficient wallpaper removal
  • Public areas of apartment buildings – hallways, lobby, etc.

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